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This site is the home of AMP Productions of Websites.  AMP Productions is privately owned by Andrew Melvin Potter and is a nonprofit, personal organization.

AMP Productions of Websites is mainly for my family and friends but, all are welcome to tour the sites.  This is just a way to share my life with the world.  I, like all others, have many faces.  I am a son, a brother, a husband, and a father.  I am a true friend and mentor.  I was once a student and an active US Marine.  I have served in the USMC and the US Army as a M1A1 Main Battle Tank Crewman.  I am a Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween movies fanantic.  I am an all around Madonna fan.  My favorite WWE Superstar is Stone Cold Steve Austin and my Spades Personna is a reflection of this.

The Websites of AMP Productions
AMP Productions: Homepage

My Milatary Life Web Scrapbook
Kissy Smurf's Homepage: The Book of Angels
AMP Productions: Halloween
AMP Productions: Remembrance
Home of The Rattlesnake of Spades

AMP Productions of Websites is still undergoing reconstruction...
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This AMP Productions Site was Created on October 21, 2000.
AMP-Productions.com was founded on March 20, 2004.
Last Update - May 21, 2007

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